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volunteer, Jennifer Quinn, writing receipts.


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As our gift to you, a Founding Year Member, you will receive more than your membership cost in FREE gifts of greeting cards and stationery products, and.. a surprise bonus gift.

Founding Year Members

You will be recorded on a dedicated page on the Web-Site Page and in the Founding Year Book with the memorandum of the organisation and other important documents.

Australia . . . Single $25 (gifts value - min $33)
Australia . . . Concession $20 (gifts value - min $33)
Australia . . . Couple $40 (gifts value - min $55)
Australia . . . Family $45 (gifts value - min $66)

International Founding Year membership

International $30 (gifts value - min $35) . . sharing mail / costs
International Couple $46 (gifts value - min $55) . . sharing mail / costs
International Family $52 (gifts value - min $66) . . sharing mail / costs

Our memberships are renewed annually for the calendar year.
2010, with the opening of our first official exhibition on 10 February, is being regarded
as our Founding Year for Memberships and is the first time our membership has been available to local and global communities.

the Founding Year Members Club

You will be recorded on our Honour Board in the gallery for all exhibitions,
on the dedicated page on the web-site and
in the founding year book,
you will have invitations to exclusive Founding Members Club events and other benefits.

Australia and international

Gold Club $1,000 (gratitude acknowledgements)
Silver Club $500 (gratitude acknowledgements)
Bronze Club $250 (gratitude acknowledgements)



Shaynee at the opening.

Thank you for your consideration.

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Should you be interested in a higher level of Patronage, we welcome you becoming a Founding Year Community Partner or Founding Year Benefactor.

Community Partners and Benefactors

Australia and international

Level 4 Community Partner $100,000 and above
Level 3 Community Partner $50,000 and above
Level 2 Community Partner $25,000 and above
Level 1 Community Partner $15,000 and above
. . .
Level 3 Benefactor $10,000 and above
Level 2 Benefactor $5,000 and above
Level 1 Benefactor $2,500 and above

Whichever level of Founding Year participation you choose,
we are delighted to have you as one of our historic members.

Thank you.


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