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Davson Arts Museum
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telephone: 61 (0)2 4970 4111 
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email: davson@davsonartsmuseum.com
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website: www.davsonartsmuseum.com

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We have moved to Morisset only a couple of minutes from the Newcastle - Sydney Freeway, so we are extremely easy to find.  Please phone ahead to ensure our staff are available to welcome you as our openig hours do vary.

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The Welcome Race Fans in the banner at the top of the web-site is an Indianapolis Speedway flag. On it are original autographed handprints of many famous racing car drivers and team owners from the 1993 Indy 500 at which Davson was a guest of the Newman Haas Racing team.

On the right hand section of the web-site banner is a detail from Davson's Turning Point painting. In 2001, Davson was commissioned to create the painting by Parton the Honourable Pat Farmer MP, holder of 7 World Records for ultra marathon running.

sites of interest

Celia Berrell has a fabulous talent. She was one of our first Founding Year members and she has written many poems inspired by Sharon Davson's art.  

Currently, the poet and artist are working together of a series of book publications of Celia's poetry complemented with the art be Davson that inspired the words.  

As far as we know this is a World First such collaboration.  Mostly it is artists who illustrate poetry, not the other way around.  Celia Berrell's website is an inspiration which also brings science and the arts together.  This site gives you a sample of the above mentioned poems with more to come after the books are published.

Sites relating to Sharon Davson
Davson Art, Sport and the Middle East
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Sukyo Mahikari The spiritual practice of Sukyo Mahikari is open to all people. Its Yoko Civilisation principles in agriculture, education and health set benchmarks for best practice in our communities.


Eating DVD - 3rd Edition The first part of the film, recommended on the link below, could help save your life. The second part of that same film could help save our Earth.

Food, Inc. This is a film that will change the way you think of food, and how it effects our Earth and all its inhabitants - forever. That is, if the Eating DVD - 3rd Edition hasn't already. Our Earth and your family need you.

Just for a laugh from one of our members, please click below
www.australia2010.com.au/index.php?rfname=SHARON&rlname=DAVSON&remail=sharon@davsonart.com&sfname= RICHARD&slname=NOTT&semail=rnott@optushome.com.au


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