World Flag

Thank You.  
We are delighted you are participating.

Contributors to the World Flag include:
in the white quadrants
Sharon Davson Davson Art Newcastle NSW  Australia
Gold Coast Benji Rotary Club of Hope Island Gold Coast QLD   Australia
The Hon. Pat Farmer Pole to Pole athlete Sydney NSW  Australia

Danny Harkim Budo for Peace Tel Aviv Israel
Edward Chin   Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Celia and Peter Berrell Science Rhymes Cairns QLD   Australia
Bowling and Associates
Raymond Terrace NSW  Australia
Jeremy Carter Rapport Leadership Sydney NSW  Australia
Morye Carter Alfresco Outdoor Living Warners Bay NSW  Australia 
Patrica Chin   Sydney NSW  Australia 
Davson Arts Museum peace & environment centre Newcastle NSW  Australia
Win Davson Art Gallery & Museum   Gatton QLD   Australia
Colleen and John Hegarty   Bonnells Bay NSW  Australia
Ken Lambert PHA Promotional Sydney NSW  Australia
Tony Lawder Lawder Business Solutions Morpeth NSW  Australia
Gerhard and PoomPim Moser Home Loan Geru Gosford NSW  Australia
David Wallace David Wallace Photography Sydney NSW  Australia
Elaine Wylde
Sunshine Coast QLD   Australia
in the red vertical panel      
Michael and Elaine Farrell   Newcastle NSW  Australia
Lorna and Hazel Nicholl   Hat Head NSW  Australia
Amrita Venkataramani   Newcastle NSW  Australia
Deepika Venlataramani   Newcastle NSW  Australia
in the lower blue panel    
Denise Duffield-Thomas
Newcastle NSW  Australia
Chris Gavenlock   Dora Creek  NSW  Australia    
Aaron Johnson   Gosford NSW  Australia    
other contributors        
Benji Pat and Sharon

"Many countries are experiencing disasters, natural and otherwise, reminding us how closely connected we are to each other and our environment.

"We create greater unity and harmony with all on our Earth by helping each other and by forgiving ourselves of our judgements that create disharmony.   In gently forgiving ourselves, it becomes easier to love and forgive others.   In forgiving others, it becomes easier to appreciate and forgive ourselves on a deeper level.

"Fortunately for our Earth, millions of people around the world are endeavouring to create harmony with themselves and those near them.  I desire to lend you my support.  Having a symbol of friendship and unity for all, away from cultural boundaries, may assist this process."   Sharon Davson

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